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How To Get Into Hogwarts

Think you have what it takes to master sorcery and become a witch or wizard? Do you have the desire to harness the power of magic, feel the intensity ebbing inside of you as you cast spells from a wand chosen just for you? Well you’re going

How To Get A Mel B Body

As a former member of the group Spice Girls, Mel B is remembered as the girl who was sporty spice, always wearing midriff tops showing off her abdominals. She’s always had a great body, but recently she has upped her game and started becoming more built in

Satc MakeUp Carrie Bradshaw

Sex and the City is one of the world’s most popular TV shows. Carrie Bradshaw, played by actress Sarah Jessica Parker, was the show’s most popular character. Not only because she was quirky, funny and stunningly dressed, but also because her make-up was always gorgeous as well.

Rejected Lines From Popular Movies

Movies instantly become classics because of the way that they can connect to audiences and how they resonate with certain people – whether it’s with tear jerking lines, lines that we wish we would hear from that special someone, or a hilarious and raunchy comedy between an

How To Get Blake Lively Hair

We all envy the Hollywood stars and their glamourous hairstyles. But they pay a lot of money to have professional stylists give them that perfect look. If you want to get a natural looking hairstyle like Blake Lively without the high cost, just follow these easy instructions.

How To Do Kelly Rowland Inspired Makeup With Annaliese Dayes

Kelly Rowland rose to fame in the group Destiny’s Child. Although the group disbanded many years ago, the members, Kelly and Beyonce are looked at for their fashion and style sense, and for their beautiful makeup. Many women try to re-create the look that Kelly Rowland has,

How To Seduce A Celebrity

There are so many good-looking celebrities out there, that many people who are ordinary, have dreamed of being with them. Not all celebrities date other celebrities, some of them will also date ordinary people as well, so they can stay out of the limelight. It’s very likely

How To Get Reese Witherspoon’s Red Carpet Hair

Reese Witherspoon is one of Hollywood’s top actresses and is known for her elegant and old time Hollywood hairstyle whenever she steps out on the red carpet. To get Reese Witherspoon’s red carpet hair follow these steps from professional hair stylists to achieve the same look at

Sleek Red Carpet Hair Tutorial

Celebrities who walk the red carpet use a professional hair stylist to look glamorous. Straight, slicked back hair is a popular style that is easily recreated at home using a few products and tools. Purchase thermo-straightening spray to get started on your red carpet style. Start by

How To Dance Like Beyonce

Beyonce is every mans fantasy, and every woman’s jealousy. She’s flawless from her hair, to her body, to her singing, and dancing. She’s just all around got it going on. Men want to be with her, and women want to be her. How though? Although you can’t

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